Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pieces of the Puzzle

yesterdays shoot was amazing!  ben brought his partner in crime ben.. the two of them worked different angles and brought lots of interesting ideas to the table. we ended up doing group shots as well as single shots and the location was incredible. the weather finally pulled out of its gloomy rain period just in time for us to start shooting. so exciting. 

today i did my orientation for my summer residency. finally time to start painting and printing again. i will also need to start organizing my time better and keeping on top of things to get everything done in time!

today is also my sisters dance recital. im excited, she is the cutest thing ever!

this Saturday i will also be modeling at COP, im not really sure what it is for other than i will be a model for makeup. should be interesting.

Ben Tsui 

Ben Hayden

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