Thursday, November 11, 2010


Paul Spenard just released a video of the fashion show part of my show that happend in August. At the end of the video you can see the dancers in the finale walk.

I am thankful for his work on this video and I hope you all enjoy it.

Click here for the video

Saturday, November 6, 2010


So on Wednesday I visited Cal State Long Beach.  A school I am hoping to go to for my masters and just being there really made me re-evaluate what My work is and what it is about. And I had a revelation (kind of).  At my current school we have become so comfortable producing work that is somewhat commercial and practical.  Which made me re-evaluate the dresses I have been working on.  I got re-inspired for what I want to use garments for and they are going to become almost more installation based. I am very excited and cant wait to get something completed so that I can finally show everyone what I have been trying to describe. :)

I have been back for 2 days now, and I am missing LA very much. More specifically you.  

Monday, November 1, 2010

With Love, From LA

So now that midterms are over, and I'm feeling very confident about them; I have taken a break and am in LA. Things Ive been doing? Halloween / birthday party for my cousin Veronica and her LG friends, fire pit star gazing, family dinners, and today a Lakers game. All I can really say is Life is Good, and the vacation isn't over yet!

Ace Ventura and Poisen Ivy
my dress, is one that I made to go along with my other cotton/dyed/discharge printed dresses.
the back panel is also a devore (burn out) velvet.


I wanted to post as soon as the show was over, but I was very tired.
Kooza was amazing! oh and did you see the costumes?
I bought the costume book during intermission. Having front row was soooo good since I got to see some of the costumes up close (like the off white wood grain print on the white leggings of the dancers). The show was so inspiring and I think it will be the inspiration for my graduation piece. exciting stuff...