Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Finally, a Name

Yesterday the cousin and I went to the LACMA Museum, it was so amazing. I have been to museums before, but this was the first time i had been to one that was more modern. I got to see works by so many people we studied in Art History, dating back to the bauhaus and even some of my favorite pop artists. It was interesting to see some of the textiles mis-labled (the plain weave linen was neither linen or a plain weave). The most exciting part by far was the Japanese Pavilion. They even had a special exhibit on Utagawa. Not my favorite Japanese print artist but was still awesome to see. When descending the spiral ramp we got to see many scrolls and then there was one that stopped my cousin and I. it is colligraphy for Snow, Moon, Flower. When put together it is Setsugetsuka "a timeless Japanese poetic phrase symbolizing three of the four seasons (winter, autumn, spring). Here, each character is written in black ink, in archaic Chinese style" (quoted from the plaque). Now i need to learn to pronounce it properly. However this seems to embody what alot of my show is about. Seasons, atmosphere, poetic movement. we saw it, and it was just like.. This is It

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