Saturday, June 27, 2009


so tomorrow is parksale

so for me, unfortunetly i couldnt get my shorts done, they are all printed but the sewing machines at school were sent in for repair, and my sewing machine probably needs to be in repair aswell. 

butt, i have done alot of silkscreening, so along with my pin up girl and katsushika hokusai appropriation i have three new designs, another print inspired by katsushika hokusai and another that is inspired from a japanese painting that i got at the lilac festival, and one new pin up girl! so this time around i made a bunch of shirts and tank tops which will be needed if this year is anything like last year (it was soo hot, steph and i found most of the time looking for shade or popsicles)
so last thing to do, hopefully i can get my bamboo shirts completed for tomorrow.

today i got to hang out with a friend that i havent seen in a long time.  I have to admit though, i was a little intimidated.  I tend to make eye contact with someone when we are talking and ive noticed that not alot of people connect on the eye contact. you almost never broke the connection and it was a little intimidating.  Kinda like the whole dominance thing with a dog, see who will look away first. it did however make the conversation that much more interesting. I hope it isnt another two years before i see you again.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Creating a Creature

So one of my major influences this summer is Frankenstein.  This book was at the top of my list for books I wanted to read this summer, and lucky for me, it turned out to be the book we were studying for the first half of my English spring courses.

Frankenstein has been hugly changed based on Hollywood and the movies that originated out of the original, minor example.. its called the Creature, Frankenstein is the guy who created him, and he is not green, he is fairly white, maybe with a little bit of a yellowish tone.  Any ways. This is starting to affect things in my life, 


Today in class we defined a creature as "putting two things together that dont usually go together".  My recent creation? 

Spicy Cookies

I have been wanting to create them for a while (kind of as a prank on a guy at work who doesnt eat spicy, but wants too, and loves cookies) so last wed, when i actually didnt have school or work for once I decided to go at it.  And it worked, they are a little strange because its a cookie that tastes like a cookie but you have an after taste of spice.  And this is my Creation.

For My Social Science class we have to write a paper based on an image.  You know how they say "A picture is worth a thousand words"? well apperantly it is worth one thousand five hundred because that is how many we have to write on a picture in a analytical way with thought on some of the readings we have done in class, I think I will base mine on Saussure with lange and parole, with some Freudian ideas as well. Anyways my image will be from the movie Igor - where this igor decides not to be the slave, but the master, and creates his own now i leave this blog to go create a creature of my own in the form of a paper, the only difference? I'll give my paper a name.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A busy Sunday

Well, yesterday was a productive day, starting off with me moving into my new studio with the contextual residency! yay!

I also got my personal studio space right beside the window, which i love because i think windows are very necessary, and the picture shows my view including Bruce, who apparently has questionable white stuff all over his head.

so after moving into the studio and doing orientation, I was off to the lilac festival. 

4th was soo busy, and i think that as a vendor this might not be so ideal because there is almost too much traffic, we found ourselves just walking and not stopping at very many tents, and alot of the merchandise looked the same, it was hard for the truly unique booths to really stand out.  That is of course until I spotted a tent that was selling hand drawn prints and paintings so we made a beeline over there and holy were they cheep, 10 bucks for a scroll and 5 bucks for smaller prints (which are the three i have posted up in the picture), now I'm not sure if these are supposed to be Japanese or Chinese or maybe another oriental form of art, but considering my newest obsession with Japanese Ukiyo-e ( wood block prints), I was soo excited to find these I just had to hold back from buying all of them! We also caught a performance by __ + __ pretty (i forget their names) but they were maybe around 10 playing the drums and the boy singing playing the keyboard and harmonica were veryy impressive.  So after some gelato, corn, and corn dog it was time to head off to work.

after work went to go eat with the boys, in celebration that karsten cut all his hair off for cancer, so thumbs up on that one!