Wednesday, March 14, 2012


wow I've been busy! so busy I haven't really had a chance to blog. but anyways this blog is about PARKSHOW! (and related media)

so prior to parkshow I managed to get some press!
here is the links to the articles about me in CALGARYJOURNAL.CA and METRO CALGARY
Parkshow was incredible! the venue looked great and the team behind park really stepped it up this year. This year not only did I showcase as a designer but I also showed an installation piece (my grad piece)

This being the first year that I could actually watch the show I was very impressed with the execution. I loved my models :) and we all know how picky I am with models I think they did great (thanks Sophia Models) This year I only showed 11 pieces and it sure seemed to fly by! haha.

So this collection was a little more playful as I started out wanting bright colors. Through the business class I was taking at MRU (which had a pitch competition that I won!!) I decided that I was going to make collections based on things that I wanted to without trying to fit into the box of "seasons" I will no longer call collections "fall 2012" etc. but rather just the name of the collection. That being said, This collection was based on the Madagascar Chameleon (which my dresses may have fit into winter there lol). This time around I made large prints of multicolored chameleons intermingled so that the colors and patterns were made to look like the background.

Already there was been quite a buzz! check out these links for words, pictures and more pictures!
apiana que on
FASHION magazine's website (wow)
Calgary Herald
Good friend Glen Co Photography
Images by Eric Epie

and that's all for now! so excited!
stay tuned to (maybe my modeling - lots of shows coming up!) and FNO -Fashion Night Out Canada


Monday, February 13, 2012

artawearness xii

this year I modeled for jessica armstrong in her adaptation of "the yellow wallpaper" along side brenda and rachel. here is an amature video from my phone. Ill post a good version when it comes out as well. (I am the model in the middle)

submerge, artawearness x

I just found this video. you may recal me posting about my participation in artawearness x 2 years ago. It was my first one and I just loved it sooo much! anyways here is the video for your enjoyment. show "submerge" collaboration between ashleigh moore and lowell smith.  (its hard to tell the difference between the models but for sure you know its me at the part where we all kneel down and you get a good 5 second shot of my bum and then you see us get up and the camera follows me as I dance and spin)

Submerge from Lowell Smith on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Small Town Charm

So I have made the move to what I call "TV Land" I have never lived in a small town before and so far I'm doing ok. Calgary is not that far away and its like a little adventure learning about the small towns here. down side? having to cancel/rearrange photo shoots and meetings because I cant get into Calgary because of these crazy storms we have been having. Here are some photos I took of this small town charm. (still no people though cause I'm still not used to the whole.. be friendly with everyone/neighbours thing)

The drive out

view of my backyard

yes I can just pull over stand in the middle of the street and take a picture

view from my bedroom

Marv's soda shop! love this place.. I'm thinking I should work here in the summer.. dress up everyday!

my float

marv sang us a song

everything vintage, from the original soda shop working jukeboxes and all

they have a bird that meows like a cat, strangest thing! haha

I have also spent a lot of time re-learning html and have built my modeling website, take a look at ill be re-working my apiana que one soon!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

happy new year!

2011 was a crazy year for me, and upon reflection it is hard to believe the things that can happen in one year! from graduation to doing shows, being in magazines, moving to another country.. and then back again and all the things you learn along the way.  2011 will have always been a good year for me and I'd like to think i did pretty good for myself.  in school i started to notice my name becoming recognized and even outside of school finding myself on the top 100 list of emerging designers in Canada and being at number 40 i think is a pretty cool accomplishment.  But this is just the beginning.  Ive been taking a lot of time to evaluate what i want out of life and trying to combine my passions to set out a clear road for myself.  you can only make things happen if you take charge, and you can only go as far as you allow yourself so i am not giving myself any restraints.  2011 was good, 2012 will be better! i look forward to my new adventures!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mario Nail Art!

Ok first off, Merry Christmas! however this is not a Christmas post.. that will come later.
So how did I spend today? I spent it painting my nails with Mario! I found this new technique that involves painting the image on a sand which bag and then transferring it to your nails. I found this technique on YouTube HERE. I used this for the Mario and Luigi on my thumbs, but I painted the rest on my nails the regular way with a paintbrush. I guess the good thing about my in-ability to paint large pictures or own large brushes comes in handy when I'm painting my nails.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Items for Sale!

Its about that time of the year again and since last year when I released my hand painted leather gloves, they have become quite popular.  So this year I went on the hunt for paintable gloves and this year I found mid forearm gloves in color!

I have posted the first batch of gloves including the gloves seen in my fall 2011 collection.  I have many more coming so keep checking! here is the link to my etsy account

apiana que etsy account

happy shopping!