Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So Alberta Fashion Week has come and gone, and even though I was only there for one night I had a blast!

Brook Fung for Peeko Appearal is so amazing. I absolutely love her work. This is my second time modeling for her (the last was at the Park Show) and both times I just want some of her pieces, this time around I know for sure I will be getting some (thinking the removable shoulder pieces).

Here are some photos that photographer Ian Harding took from that night

Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Navigation

Holy uploads batman!
haha so this is something I've been meaning to do for a while, but now there is navigation on the right side that you can click to jump to any of my work: custom shoes, hand printed, hand woven, painted silk, wearable and process pictures.  this makes it easier than trying to scroll through old posts to see my work and is one step closer to a new website, which I hope to do soon but Im not sure when I can actually do this. Now that I have this process set up, I will be more on top of things taking pictures and uploading them.
So what promted me to do this? Sabrina, a fashion PR wore one of my silk pieces (look up wearable, its the purple hooded piece, hope to have photos of Sabrina wearing it as well) to Edmonton fashion week and next week will also be wearing it to Calgary fashion week.  
Speaking of alberta fashion week, I will be modeling for one of my fav local designers Brook Fung for Peeko.  

I also am already in the works of my new "collection" I say it like that because Im not sure its a fashion collection but rather a collection of dresses that fit into my art point of view
Stay tooned for more pictures!

side note: Im also pretty bummbed because I burned all between my thumb and pointer finger on my left hand at work.  Dont realize how much you use this part of your hand until it is super tender :(

Weaving - two color bamboo pattern on a four harness loom

The Hunter, From the wearable arts class's show 'Regalia', made of silk dupioni and rabit fur

Elephant Dress, From the wearable arts class's show 'Regalia'.  Trunk made of bullet casings

Elephant Trunk, constructed box, lined and upholstered with a two color repeat print

Pin Up Girl dress mulit layered hand cut silkscreen print

Midsummer Night's Dream repeat print

Midummer Nights Dream detail

Bicyle shorts, hand printed, sewn and the clasp made from various metals

some newer, some older

Circle Prinz shoes - made for the C!pher Famous competiton (that I won)

Lady bug shoes for mom

Elephant shoes for Art and Sole at the gallery (2009)

Blue Willow inspired "Bound" shoes

These images were shot by my friend Andy Dinh and they turned out exactly how i wanted them to. (note the last fourth and fith image have a multi-layerd hand cut/painted silkscreen print)

(this last one was alos hand woven using silk and bamboo)

These photos are from the photo shoot we did with Ben Hayden and Ben Tsui. amazing thank you guys! Also I feel so lucky to know such amazing models. You all did a great job.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The First Days of the Year I Graduate

So I have officially started my last year at ACAD.  Im excited, and scared and excited.  But boy do we ever just jump right into things.  First day we discussed our grad paper, and we have to go over out outline next week.  Its not as scary as I initally feared. thank goodness.  I still havent had all of my first classes yet, so hopefully I can be successful at all of them.. I need to work my but off try to win some scholarships and maybe sell some shoes (?!?!?!) to make it to LA.  

I miss LA. My heart is there.  You really are my heart.  

Anyways im getting excited about some of my proposed projects so this semester should produce some exciting things! As the semester goes on I'll post photos of my work

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Well the show is now over, it was a great success and I want to thank everyone who made it possible. From the dancers, to the models, photographers and of course the people who came to support me Thank You Soooo Much!

So now what? After the show I just slept for about 2 days straight (not including when I was at work) and then I started to feel unproductive, after spending the whole summer constantly having something to work on. Soo yes I guess this means I am a keener but I started working on my prints that I will be starting when I start school.. so I've already started my first project.

When I was raising the topic of Asian identity last year foot binding became a main interest for me. I began dealing with the idea of "Covering up the Ugly Truth, with the Beautiful, the Embellished, and the Lavish" which was actually the title of one of my social science papers. So this year to continue on with that theme i will be exploring foot binding prints more but will start to include prints that are based off of famous paintings that have a morbid subject to them but made beautiful.. the first painting (which i have already completed the design for the print) is that of Turners -The slave ship. I am also currently working on Goya's the 3rd of may and Rubens - Rape of the daughters of Leucippus. Many classic prints have subject matter like this so its not hard to find inspiration. These prints will then be turned into wearable pieces, if the last series was linen jackets, this series will be cotton dresses.

Also I have started Hot yoga. I started on thursday and so far have gone every day (excpet today because there wasnt any classes before I started work). I plan to make this a regular part of my day/life.

Oh also, I have decided that I will not be persuing a fashion diploma in Italy but rather go to CalstateLA for a masters in textiles and fashion (fingers crossed).