Monday, June 28, 2010

Mark's Bar Mitzvah

so this entire weekend was devoted to my cousin Mark who just turned 13. friday we went to service and then dinner. saturday we went to service which took up the entire morning and then a lunch at the temple, had a few hours for a break and then off to the party. Mann Jewish people know how to party. start off with family pictures and the cousins fooling around with taking pictures and then the party motivators come in and keep all the children and three twenty-somethings dancing. barely even stopping to eat dinner we did choreography, running games (after the first few rounds i took my heels off for my safety and the safety of those around me). my cousin got hit on by tommy (11 years old) who thought she was 14, my other cousin(who is older than me and V) got i.d. right after the two of us ordered wine. and the three of us got invited to party with the motivators after the party at a place called whiskey. we didnt go though. so sunday is the after party pool party, we ate leftover food chatted swam in the pool (more like floated on a floatation device) and took naps around the pool.
The cousin and I. Here is the dress i had been working on. it has my computer chip design hand-printed on silk. it is one shouldered and pleated/darted around the neck

Th walls were upholstered. As soon as we stepped of the elevator i was like "the walls!!". It blew my mind!

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