Monday, May 31, 2010

big things

i dont think i like this color scheme for my blog either but i needed some sort of change. so it may stay like this for the next few weeks until my jacket shoot.  

so tomorrow we are doing a shoot in china town for my silk yardages. i am very excited to work with ben hayden for this project, and very excited to see how these photos will turn out.

i have booked my plane ticket to Vancouver, so in  a month i will be going to banff for my birthday, then to LA for a month to visit family, go to a bar mitzvah, do some shoots, celebrate my birthday some more, lay by the pool .. lots of good stuff, and then off to Vancouver for a week to gain some new experiences, go to the circle prinz event (check out famous circle here), and see some old and new friends.  excitement excitement!

also i should have all the details about the model call by the end of the week.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

playing in my head. repeat

Always just a friend, never a lover
I'm the one they call for good advice
Always seemed it was something or other
But my love reappeared, and now its all so clear

For once in my life I’m gonna get it right
I want long stemmed roses and a kiss goodnight
Im gonna know how it feels when the stars align
You’ll be my four leaf clover, and we’ll start over

For once in my life I’m gonna make a change
I’m gonna deal with myself, I’m gonna rearrange
One step at a time, we’ll take it day by day
You’ll be my four leaf clover, and we’ll start over

MoZella - four leaf clover

things to come

this is just to put it out there, 

but i believe my model call will be june 20th from 10am to 1pm

we are looking to either host it at the university of calgary or sait. more details to come

Friday, May 21, 2010

hello summer

i feel like i took a week off from working on anything.

the sun came out,  i set up my hammock and spent almost every free moment outside in the sun. feels like for once i got a bit of a tan, without it being the result of a burn. ill admit this this was my goal, im tired of going to LA and being made fun of for bein so pastey lol.  

ive also stayed home everynight for about three weeks, everynight my family gets together and watches episodes of battlestar galactica.. ive come to really look forward to these times this show is really addicting.

im also putting together more details for my show. ill be holding a model call in june for the runway show.  i feel i also need to name the show so i can stop talkin about it saying "my show".  we will see how this goes. 

ive scheduled photoshoots to do a set of shoots with my silks, and im also in the process of setting up shoots for my jackets. 

after not sewing for a week i finally got back in it and yesterday finished a black suede jacket with pintuckes in the sleeves and shoulders with a standing collar. i like this one, and it is very soft. 

ive been having good conversations with new friends, and old friends. excited to have lunch with s.m. this week its been a while. 

summer pieces seem to be falling into place. new updates soon. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


so for the first week of summer, i just slept - had so much sleep to catch up on from school.

the second week i just cleaned. cleaned my studio in our basement 

and now i am being productive. i now have three jackets in my collection and things seem to be coming along nicely.

last week i went to the dance workshop with popula and i really wish i had attended more of the workshops. unfortunetly i had decided a) to stay home and work on one of my jackets b) to sleep through the next workshop i could have gone to but then made it to one finally. too bad i had to work mothers day so i missed the last two workshops. however if i wernt working i would probably be with my mom. 

i found it really intimidating when popula turned to me during the workshop and said "what kind of dance do you do?" and just got really nervous and said i dont know.... how do you tell someone that amazing that id like to think that i can pop? lol 

i find it really funny when people leave me their numbers at work. like on mothers day i got a note on a table with a name and a number with the attached "not the old guy paying the bill".  th last one i got was all numbers no names with arrows pointing each number to where the person was sitting and the attached "take your pick". people are weird, however this is less awkward than when they straight up ask you for your number.

i thought i had already posted this video but i guess not, so here it is. a video created from the parkshow. i appear a few times in the video but most notably the last model for the video.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

summer time

well i have offically been out of school for nine days. i feel like i am going crazy! i really need to be working on things.  i have trouble falling asleep because all i think about is projects and ideas.  ive already planned multiple designs for printing.. new designs for my new jackets ive been working on (images comming soon). ive been planning photoshoots, for both my silks as well as the jackets.  i have also been painting shoes in my head.  (photo shoes for glen, and shoes for grim reminder for my show. they are not yet confirmed to open the performances). i have also been planning out the way the show will go down. how my pieces will be displayed.  how the performances will play out, when the break will be. and also i have decided to add a short runway show to the end with my jacket collection.  

in short, its killing me not to have studio space. may 30th cannot come soon enough.

oh yes i got into contextual a fibre arts program which allows for you to use the acad fibre studios for the summer.  which starts may 30th.

boys. boys, boys.  oh boy. thats all ill say to that.

on saturday was the live style urban arts festival. amazing! the bboy battle was fantastic, havent seen something like that in a very long time. big ups to relfex and j-bugz who repped soul felons and won the two grand prize.  very interesting getting to meet some of the boys from vancouver. 

also new photos released from working with aw makeup/hair classes and i have also gotten a photo from our ArtaWEARness shoot.