Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So big news to start off the summer right!

I have been accepted into a summer residency with contextual, a fibre collective ( which starts this Sunday where i get to move into my studio!

i've been trying to think of ways to explain what a summer residency is to people who don't really know.. for artists its kind of a big deal, and the closest example i could think of is an internship.

Im not really working for anyone, but I, as well as the other people accepted, get studio space to work in as well as a personal studio in a shared space.  This is a big opportunity for me, as i will get to continue my practice over the summer and will be a huge help for all of my up coming events!

also at the end of the summer, the collective (i feel like im on star treck) is going to be holding a show at ACAD so ill post more details about that when it gets closer!

first thing to look out for: i will be a vendor at the parksale which will be held at the university june 28th more info to come!

for now grab a great book, and enjoy this nice weather!

Lets get the ball rolling..

Welcome to the blog for Apiana Que! this is where i can keep anyone interested about the happenings in my journey of exploration of arts and crafts.

so my name is Ashley and i have been working on the creation of Apiana Que for about a year now, and everyday it is growing to include many more ideas and creations.  I am currently a student at the Alberta college of art + design going into my third year, my first year as a fibre major. 

what is fibre you ask? its all about art with fabrics and textiles and other mediums that may include these.  Yes, fibre can include fashion but that is not all.  Fibre art has been seen as highly political and often, feminist, I see it however as an expression (just like all art forms) which is quite often viewed as comforting and humorous.  

I myself, am quite interested silkscreening as well as the wearable aspects of fibre and plan to go to a fashion school in Milan Italy once i have graduated from  ACAD.  i believe that fashion should not just be about creating fashion, but that it should be rooted in art.  Therefore i will be trying to keep myself connected to the status of artist as well as a career in fashion.

so I've created this blog so that you can follow me as i explore my own creativity, as well as things i just find interesting.  This summer i have many things lined up and want to be able to share it with all that are interested.

so thank you for your time, and enjoy!