Sunday, February 27, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Here is a behind the Scenes look at the Grimm Cinderella shoot with Kim Vincent - here she is cutting holes in my shirt with a steak knife


It seems as though when something happens, everything happens. This week was reading week, and I definitely did not have time to read. Aside for the loads of work I have to do to get ready for parkshow I agreed to do some modeling. In the last week I have portrayed : a hippie, a black and white paper dress grungy look, a mistress, and a Grimm Cinderella. This Fri/Sat is ArtaWEARness where I will be modeling for Claire-Simone in her piece. for this I will be a Statue that comes to life.
As march approaches so does the busiest month of the year for me. This week is Artawearness rehearsals and show, parkshow meetings and fittings, and setting up for our FINA show. next week is getting ready for parkshow and fibre fortnight. the next week we is fibre fortnight and our Jacquard weaving show, and the mini show/ silent auction. the next week I am off to LA <3 as well as the show n sale (Ill be selling stuff, but wont be there in person). The day after I come back from my trip is the closing for our FINA show and then march is over wheww. oh ya, and also in the next two weeks I should find out if I got into CSULB eep. Then finals and Im done school ahhh everything needs to slow down! (and somehow this list of craziness doesnt even include my school load :S)

facebook event pages
Artawearness XI
Fibre Mini Show
Spring Show n Sale

hope to see everyone at all these events!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Overdue- FINA show preview

This photo really doesnt do it justice. When it is finished there will be proper documentation. The show goes up on monday. OOr better yet, you could go see it in person!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Valentines Day - Announcement

Feb 14th was the birthday of Jasmine Herron, who passed away last year. A graduate from the fibre department. One of the girls in my department sold fake moustaches in honer of her and the money went towards her scholarship. I wasn't afraid to wear mine in Banff, These pictures were taken in the GAP change room.
I made this top Sunday night because I felt like going all out for valentines day. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, however it was supposed to have a skirt that had an anatomical heart print but that one just wasn't working out so i X'd it.

The fantastic hat I found and ended up buying. <3

A few weeks ago was the parkshow industry mixer, I didn't want to announce until I had a chance to talk to Kara but I was invited to be a designer for this seasons parkshow. It is march 12th and I expect everyone to be there. For this collection I am playing to their theme of 1930's boudoir and burlesque. However I will be changing it to my own using my own prints to explain the story.

This collection is about the woman staying home during the war hoping her husband or lover would come back to her. This is growing off of the print I did for the Turner's Dress using the come back to me print as the ground to the collection. We explore different prints that depict war truths and deaths made into elegant dresses and garments for women who are thinking of their lovers. the first print was of the boats with bodies floating around after the dead, sick and slaves were being thrown off during the storm. Last night I finished the next series of air war, using fighter planes bombs and people jumping out of the planes with parachutes. where the bombs and planes are exploding it turns into a damask pattern - expect pictures soon.

Also my FINA class is having a documentation show in our school library starting on Feb 28th I will be showing a drawing (which I haven't done a real drawing in so long, it feels kinda nice). click HERE for more information.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Guess Who Just Came to Visit My Print?

Dr. Daniel Doz

Pretty Little Liars

Ok I admit, Im a little bit addicted this show and I really want this hat. They have it at Urban Outfitters but it doesnt come in this color. I guess I will be on the search for this hat.

The Wizard of Doz

new print for the Poly & Esther gallery wall in our department. this is a picture of Daniel Doz, our new president. so this is a commemorative textile!