Friday, July 30, 2010

I Left My Heart at LAX

A look at some of the people I met, places we went and over all good times spent in LA

Celebrating my Birthday at Tokyo Delves: including dance contest on chair, sake bombs and performances by the servers. Over all one of the best nights probably of my life.

The Japanese Gardens: Amazing. I want this in my Backyard.

This trip to LA surpassed my expectations ten fold.  I cant wait to go back (the plan is to go back in october) I met so many new people and prob one person in particular that changed everything for me.  I cant seem to sum up my trip in words because there was just so much. I decided to make these photos because I thought it was the best way to describe my trip.  It took alot of my strength to not cry at the airport.  I miss you all and cant wait to see you again.  Love.

There are times, when you'll need someone...

I will be by your side

There is a light, that shines

Special for you, and me...


Sunday, July 18, 2010


I guess lately I haven't really had any ideas as to what to post about. As my vacation starts to feel more like home, and home starts to feel like a distant memory. Here is where I really want to be, and meeting people who make here feel even more right. I miss certain people from home and I miss sushi from work (mmmm craving the flames roll sooooo bad right now) I am in no hurry to go home. If I didn't have the show in august to prepare for I would probably consider staying down here until school started.. man that sounds so good right now.

On a side note: Things I would normally blog about
  • I got a horrible burn on my hips at the beach :(
  • Went to a Tiki themed drive in movie theater
  • I am assisting with codename (a production company) to film a music video. spent all day today/yesterday doing prepwork and will spend all day tomorrow/in 7 hours helping with the filming.
  • I am entering the sticker contest for circle prinz and am super excited about my entry.
  • Will be shooting more jackets next week
  • Lastly. My trip to Vancouver has changed.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Palm Springs

Watermelon Nails! needed something new for all the fun adventures we would have in palm springs. Palm springs was an amazing vacation within a vacation. when we first got there it seemed hot beyond belief (around 100-110 degrees, I have no idea what that would be in Canada) but once we got in the pool and in the air conditioned villa the heat didnt bother us at all. So busy I didnt take any pictures other than this one? So much fun though, didnt want it to end, and for sure will look forward to going there again.

Here is an amazing bracelet i just bought from St. Eve an LA designer who makes jewelery some from vintage things and such. I love this. Check out her site here.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Because I'm a Black and Gold Kinda Girl

Yesterday we went shopping and i refrained from buying anything. Instead I asked if we could stop at the local fabric store on the way home. In roughly and hour and a half i whipped up this dress for easy summer wear. its a jersey knit with a long gold zipper and linen leftovers from my hand printed fabric I used for a jacket. Very comfortable.

Also today i felt my first earthquake. It was small but still made my stomach woozy feeling.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So now that I am almost finished the next set of jackets to shoot. I am finally posting the last shoot.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

Today I got to be an honorary American. the best part of having my nails painted like this.. I can wave my fingers and say I'm waving a flag. Lame I know, but fun never the less. I even recieved a compliment on how awesome my nails were from the checkout lady at walmart. Today we went to a pool party that was kind of like a pot luck. except I think there was more beer than there was food, and the boys had brought 6 pounds of meat..

After it got dark at about 8:30-9ish (weirdest thing about LA. back home it doesn't get dark until 10-10:30ish), we traveled to another house which seemed to be quite the effort after all the beer was gone. We climbed onto the roof and set up to watch the fireworks. Because LA is so big, each community is considered a city so each city was doing their own fireworks. being on the roof we could see about 4 fireworks shows at a time. this was pretty cool, I just wish they were closer to where we were. And yes, the photo above is one I took of fireworks..

So now that I have been here for one week and three days.. I am starting to majorly crave some sushi. I am not thinking I need to pig out or anything but a roll or two would be delightful. Here is a "spicy tuna roll" done Yardhouse style. It is edemame beans and cucumber for the bottom layer, then covered in seared ahi tuna (aloott of tuna, i couldnt finish it all) and then covered in guacamole. wasabi soysauce around the edges and the red rooster hot sauce (dont ask me how to spell it). Good, yes. Feeding the crave? no.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Don't Just Scroll Past this Video

If you havent already watched this.. watch it.

If you have already watched this.. watch it again.

Remember, Alex is a classically trained ballerino.

(Video may not work, click to be redirected to the video on youtube)

El Tipiacs

If you ever travel to LA, this is a place to go to. There is always a line outside, but it is worth the wait.
Always order a Horcheta (milk and Cinnamon).
and come with a large appetite. The portions are Huge, but makes for delicious left overs.
My Dad ordered the Manuel special.. They have a challenge if you can finish this you get a T-shirt and a spot on the wall of fame. My Dad had no intention of finishing this, he knew it would make great breakfast in the morning.
I ordered the Okie de Pollo. Not quite as large as my dad's but still pretty huge (on man vs. food i believe they said it weighed two pounds). Amazing. but still had to take half of it home.