Monday, October 18, 2010


So now that school is back in full swing and all my midterms start this Thursday I am back to my old habits of staying at school till close (I tryy so hard to leave by 11:30 or 12. I feel like that is some sort of accomplishment of not staying too late), and going back to school after I get off of work.  I miss my family haha.  Its hard to balance school, work and a life.  I have also had to sacrifice hot yoga, as much as I really liked it it is just so hard to wake up at 6 every day when your not getting home till one.  Luckily a much needed break is coming soon. Ten days. Nine if you count the fact that is it now past midnight.  I am so excited.

I am in the finishing stages of my next dress (which is also doubling as my Halloween costume lol), and I have also done some documentation so photos of shoes I painted for Glen will be posted soon.

I also wonder what will happen to the studios after I graduate.  I almost never see other people late at night, I wonder if after I graduate all of the studios will be empty after 10? 

Lets hope I survive this next week.

(I think my blog is still running on LA time, it says that I posted this at 11:44 but it is now almost 1)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Lighting

I am so in love with fall, and the lighting and colors right now.  I decided to show the pictures from the first two dresses we shot yesterday.  Glen is so amazing I love when he shoots my work.  I figure that even if I do the get into Art aWEARness the details of the dresses will not be visable that night.  This dress is based off of J.M William Turner's The Slave Ship and I wanted to shoot this piece to kind of mimic the painting, with the colors of the sunset (obviously we couldnt get the colors that intense) and the reflection in the water.  I am very happy witht these photos.
This is just one of the many photos we took of Coco, all of which were amazing! cant wait to see more.  This dress is  based on the idea of male objectification of the female. After conceptualized it reminded me of Jenna Sterbak's meat dress.

again, the photos is taken by Glen Co 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sneak Peak!

So the photo shoot today with Glen Co and Coco was amazing :) I am very excited to see the photos. here is a behind the scenes shot I took.

Crazy Coincidence 

Yesterday my family and I watched "The Wedding Singer" which led the conversation to "Never Been Kissed". So today I am in my studio and one of the girls brings up Never been kissed.  Then getting in my car to go home after the shoot "Video Killed the Radio Star" was playing on the radio. wierd right?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I want to say a big thank you to Sabrina who is in Fashion PR and wore one of my pieces to Edmonton fashion week as well as Alberta Fasion week.  This piece was shown in my show Setsugetsuka on one of the dancers, but I love how she decided to wear it to the events!

I am sort of torn about putting up pictures of my new wearable pieces. I am thinking of using them to apply to Art AWEARness at ACAD in which case I would want the show to be their debut.. But I have a really exciting photoshoot planned tomorrow with Glen.  Maybe I will post the "Fashion Photos" but not studio photos of the pieces? (that will also be a new navigational button soon, to get better detail of my pieces).  Or maybe I will just post the ones from the shoot tomrrow (there will only be two pieces) and keep the rest a secret until I know if I am in the show or not? hmmm...