Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Holy busy week!

So if you dont know this week is the week of the getdown 2009 workshops with people such as poppin pete ,suga pop, caleaf, link, and Greg C. Jr. ive now taken four classes one from each minus Greg C. jr which is the class im taking tomorrow but these workshops are so amazing, i dont think ive ever sweated as much but you learn soo much.  i wish i could do this every day.

So today my parents get back from LA. i really miss them and this house seems kind of scary without them haha. i also miss my baby sister sooooo much.  I am sad though because i wish i had spent all that time with them in LA. (oh ya, during that time my cousin got accepted to be a lakers girl whoohoooo soo proud of her).  However i know that if i had gone to LA i would have missed some awesome oppurtunties like shooting with the AW makeup students again, which produced some of my best shots, as well as appearing on your city.  

Rock the bells is this sunday! i just realized that the other day.. i thought it was still a month away haha. this is going to be amazing. i have no other words for this.

so other exciting things, ive been finding inspiration again, and have some projects on the go.  The first one to be finished is a buddha tattoo with a six tusk elephant in a lotus flower for my friend Lynda.  also i have a creative vision i suppose you could call it, for a show that i will be doing.. where and when still to be determined but it will be happening in the next year (fingers crossed)

and finally, pbb is being reunited. :)


Sunday, July 5, 2009


So park sale was one week ago, it was quite fun, got to meet some new people and enjoy finally being able to spend some time in the sun!

well.. maybe a little too much sun, I burnt my entire face! including my lips, I didnt know you could burn your lips.

So now it is July, and unfortunetly I have come to the realization that the Keziah Monroe Fashion project will not be happening this year.  Due to alot of complications and lack of time, we were just unprepared for the work that needed to be done. However all this work will not go to waste, as we will put it all towards next year to be better prepared for a knockout show!

As for me, my next project will be Green Tea Cheesecake!