Monday, May 31, 2010

big things

i dont think i like this color scheme for my blog either but i needed some sort of change. so it may stay like this for the next few weeks until my jacket shoot.  

so tomorrow we are doing a shoot in china town for my silk yardages. i am very excited to work with ben hayden for this project, and very excited to see how these photos will turn out.

i have booked my plane ticket to Vancouver, so in  a month i will be going to banff for my birthday, then to LA for a month to visit family, go to a bar mitzvah, do some shoots, celebrate my birthday some more, lay by the pool .. lots of good stuff, and then off to Vancouver for a week to gain some new experiences, go to the circle prinz event (check out famous circle here), and see some old and new friends.  excitement excitement!

also i should have all the details about the model call by the end of the week.

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