Thursday, June 17, 2010

So Much to Do, So Much Rain.

Yesterday was one of the busiest days I have had in quite some time. a few days ago AW called to cancel my shoot in the morning, so I planned to make a brand new piece for the jacket shoot.  I designed and printed a computer chip print on a silk satin sandwash (my favorite silk to work with).  Then wednesday morning I get a call from AW, they had a model no-show and needed me to come in. After the shoot was finished I hurried home to work on the jacket and make up for lost time. a few hours later I whipped off to kensington to meet up for the calgary fashion interview.   It went well I wasnt really too sure what kind of questions would be asked but it kind of covered everything, from my inspirations to what I see in the future, to modeling, art, hip hop, dance, fashion, everything.  Run through the rain back to my car to go home to put the finishing touches on the jacket and pick up some last minute accessories for the shoot.  

9:30 pm rolls around and Im off to fish creek park to scout locations. I then learn that it is actually closing and Im being kicked out. great.  After figuring out some new arrangements we wait for all the models to arrive so that they can follow me to the new location.  We waited, and waited and i had one model no-show.  this made me a little upset and I felt even more disorganized even though i had planned so much and kept being thrown curve balls.  The shoot however went amazing.  The models were fantastic and bared the cold and the little bit of rain that was still lingering around and we managed to pull shots that was exactly what i was looking for. even if we needed to drive my car up the curb a little and use my headlights for lighting.  Once I have these photos, I think this blog will get a little re-vamping. 

Exciting stuff.

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