Saturday, June 26, 2010

Justin Beiber: Strumming my Pain with his Fingers

"this song is about Justin Beiber, too bad he wasnt around when it was made"
I am now in LA. and a mix of Justin Beiber and the Fugees came to this statement. Other than the not-so-fond of flying and passing about four car accidents every time we drive, things are going smoothly. Will admit though, the lack of shoulder checking really freaks me out. First meal: chipotle. I have been craving this small mexican chain restaurant, but this was just a snack. For dinner a friend hideki, who works at the boiling crab got us in for dinner. The average wait to get into this place at dinner time is one to two hours. Here you order seafood by the pound which is cooked in a bag with seasonings and put on the table. There is no plates or utensils, you use your hands and be prepared to get dirty. I didnt hesitate and my hands were bright orange by the end. I also developed a crushing technique when I needed to break into the hard shell of the crawfish. This little suckers shell is hard to break and ends up being alot of work for a small piece of meat, but not when you crush them!

After dinner I found this awesome vogue from taiwan. The guy seemed very confused that I was ok that it wasnt in english.
Today was the first part of my cousins bar mitzvah so we ate quite a bit for dinner at vactorio's. But the best part of my day was doing the hem stitch on my dress for tomorrow while putting my feet in the pool!
oh yes. I bought a new camera. hence the usage of more photos than usual. I got the photos back from the shoot for some of my jackets. I have gone through them and narrowed them down to the best ones. will post those maybe on sunday.

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