Wednesday, May 5, 2010

summer time

well i have offically been out of school for nine days. i feel like i am going crazy! i really need to be working on things.  i have trouble falling asleep because all i think about is projects and ideas.  ive already planned multiple designs for printing.. new designs for my new jackets ive been working on (images comming soon). ive been planning photoshoots, for both my silks as well as the jackets.  i have also been painting shoes in my head.  (photo shoes for glen, and shoes for grim reminder for my show. they are not yet confirmed to open the performances). i have also been planning out the way the show will go down. how my pieces will be displayed.  how the performances will play out, when the break will be. and also i have decided to add a short runway show to the end with my jacket collection.  

in short, its killing me not to have studio space. may 30th cannot come soon enough.

oh yes i got into contextual a fibre arts program which allows for you to use the acad fibre studios for the summer.  which starts may 30th.

boys. boys, boys.  oh boy. thats all ill say to that.

on saturday was the live style urban arts festival. amazing! the bboy battle was fantastic, havent seen something like that in a very long time. big ups to relfex and j-bugz who repped soul felons and won the two grand prize.  very interesting getting to meet some of the boys from vancouver. 

also new photos released from working with aw makeup/hair classes and i have also gotten a photo from our ArtaWEARness shoot. 

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