Sunday, March 21, 2010

phyllis balm student award

yay, my first scholarship that i have won. its worth three thousand dollars and i got chosen out of my faculty to win this award.  it came with good timing as i might not be working as much this summer, which i am very ok with suprisingly.  

I've decided that this summer i might start my clothing line.  Nothing big esp since im not really the interested in ready to wear, but something to keep me busy.  I wont be making large collections mostly just limited ed. things, more for the people that know how to take one piece and be versatile with it.  I've already picked the fabrics out for this said summer collection. fingers crossed i dont get too bored of the ready to wear-ish like things. 

In my weaving class we are doing a workshop with Luise Lemieux Berube, to design images to be brought back to Montreal and woven on a jacuard loom.  ive been incorpurating contours from the photoshoot i did a while back with my silks and super-imposing them onto the original Hokusai print that inspired the piece.  im so excited with the way these images are looking i think I am going to start drawing again and use these created images to be large scale drawings.

show n sale is this week. lots of projects due and three presentations. time to work.. and work.. and work.. till i get kicked out of the school lol

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