Wednesday, May 12, 2010


so for the first week of summer, i just slept - had so much sleep to catch up on from school.

the second week i just cleaned. cleaned my studio in our basement 

and now i am being productive. i now have three jackets in my collection and things seem to be coming along nicely.

last week i went to the dance workshop with popula and i really wish i had attended more of the workshops. unfortunetly i had decided a) to stay home and work on one of my jackets b) to sleep through the next workshop i could have gone to but then made it to one finally. too bad i had to work mothers day so i missed the last two workshops. however if i wernt working i would probably be with my mom. 

i found it really intimidating when popula turned to me during the workshop and said "what kind of dance do you do?" and just got really nervous and said i dont know.... how do you tell someone that amazing that id like to think that i can pop? lol 

i find it really funny when people leave me their numbers at work. like on mothers day i got a note on a table with a name and a number with the attached "not the old guy paying the bill".  th last one i got was all numbers no names with arrows pointing each number to where the person was sitting and the attached "take your pick". people are weird, however this is less awkward than when they straight up ask you for your number.

i thought i had already posted this video but i guess not, so here it is. a video created from the parkshow. i appear a few times in the video but most notably the last model for the video.


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