Friday, May 21, 2010

hello summer

i feel like i took a week off from working on anything.

the sun came out,  i set up my hammock and spent almost every free moment outside in the sun. feels like for once i got a bit of a tan, without it being the result of a burn. ill admit this this was my goal, im tired of going to LA and being made fun of for bein so pastey lol.  

ive also stayed home everynight for about three weeks, everynight my family gets together and watches episodes of battlestar galactica.. ive come to really look forward to these times this show is really addicting.

im also putting together more details for my show. ill be holding a model call in june for the runway show.  i feel i also need to name the show so i can stop talkin about it saying "my show".  we will see how this goes. 

ive scheduled photoshoots to do a set of shoots with my silks, and im also in the process of setting up shoots for my jackets. 

after not sewing for a week i finally got back in it and yesterday finished a black suede jacket with pintuckes in the sleeves and shoulders with a standing collar. i like this one, and it is very soft. 

ive been having good conversations with new friends, and old friends. excited to have lunch with s.m. this week its been a while. 

summer pieces seem to be falling into place. new updates soon. 

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