Friday, July 30, 2010

I Left My Heart at LAX

A look at some of the people I met, places we went and over all good times spent in LA

Celebrating my Birthday at Tokyo Delves: including dance contest on chair, sake bombs and performances by the servers. Over all one of the best nights probably of my life.

The Japanese Gardens: Amazing. I want this in my Backyard.

This trip to LA surpassed my expectations ten fold.  I cant wait to go back (the plan is to go back in october) I met so many new people and prob one person in particular that changed everything for me.  I cant seem to sum up my trip in words because there was just so much. I decided to make these photos because I thought it was the best way to describe my trip.  It took alot of my strength to not cry at the airport.  I miss you all and cant wait to see you again.  Love.

There are times, when you'll need someone...

I will be by your side

There is a light, that shines

Special for you, and me...


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