Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So life continues after LA it seems.

After LA I flew to Vancouver for the circle prinz competition where I won the sticker contest (click the link to see my winning submission).  Thursday I met up with my friend myles and had an awesome time going around the city and seeing the sites.  My hostel was pretty cute I would say.  There was a vintage desk that I really wanted to bring home with me.  As more friends arrived in the next two days I got to party/eat with some new friends and go to the beach to celebrate a kids first birthday with old friends.  I ended up missing the circle prinz event! I know, ridiculous since thats why I went to vancouver. I kinda wish I stayed in LA that extra weekend.

 Met up with my parents in Van for my last night and then we drove off to Kelowna to visit with my Aunt and a cousin.  Kelowna was small (it has only one shopping mall) and the beaches wern't as nice as LA or Van, but it was nice spending time with family.  My cousin and I tried to get mani/pedi's but of course it had to be a long weekend and everything was closed.  we accidently wandered into a "gentleman's relaxation and massage" place that was furnished with leather couches, a big screen tv and stripper poles with a mirrored background, with rooms I couldn't see behind this. oops.  After a few days in kelowna it was time for the drive back to Calgary, with a pit stop in revelstoke to visit another cousin and her baby.  

Many hours later of me trying to sleep but really just thinking of him to try and pass the time we are back home.  Its kinda weird because the whole time of thinking of going back home I kinda pictured everyone from LA waiting for us.  Back to reality.  First night in Calgary and best way to spend it? go to Shiboya and bubblemania. New fav drink at bubblemania: nectarine/lychee with green apple jellies. yumm.

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