Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

Today I got to be an honorary American. the best part of having my nails painted like this.. I can wave my fingers and say I'm waving a flag. Lame I know, but fun never the less. I even recieved a compliment on how awesome my nails were from the checkout lady at walmart. Today we went to a pool party that was kind of like a pot luck. except I think there was more beer than there was food, and the boys had brought 6 pounds of meat..

After it got dark at about 8:30-9ish (weirdest thing about LA. back home it doesn't get dark until 10-10:30ish), we traveled to another house which seemed to be quite the effort after all the beer was gone. We climbed onto the roof and set up to watch the fireworks. Because LA is so big, each community is considered a city so each city was doing their own fireworks. being on the roof we could see about 4 fireworks shows at a time. this was pretty cool, I just wish they were closer to where we were. And yes, the photo above is one I took of fireworks..

So now that I have been here for one week and three days.. I am starting to majorly crave some sushi. I am not thinking I need to pig out or anything but a roll or two would be delightful. Here is a "spicy tuna roll" done Yardhouse style. It is edemame beans and cucumber for the bottom layer, then covered in seared ahi tuna (aloott of tuna, i couldnt finish it all) and then covered in guacamole. wasabi soysauce around the edges and the red rooster hot sauce (dont ask me how to spell it). Good, yes. Feeding the crave? no.

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