Sunday, July 18, 2010


I guess lately I haven't really had any ideas as to what to post about. As my vacation starts to feel more like home, and home starts to feel like a distant memory. Here is where I really want to be, and meeting people who make here feel even more right. I miss certain people from home and I miss sushi from work (mmmm craving the flames roll sooooo bad right now) I am in no hurry to go home. If I didn't have the show in august to prepare for I would probably consider staying down here until school started.. man that sounds so good right now.

On a side note: Things I would normally blog about
  • I got a horrible burn on my hips at the beach :(
  • Went to a Tiki themed drive in movie theater
  • I am assisting with codename (a production company) to film a music video. spent all day today/yesterday doing prepwork and will spend all day tomorrow/in 7 hours helping with the filming.
  • I am entering the sticker contest for circle prinz and am super excited about my entry.
  • Will be shooting more jackets next week
  • Lastly. My trip to Vancouver has changed.

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