Sunday, March 7, 2010

Park Show

so saturday has now come and gone, was at the cultural center from 9:45 to about 11:30ish.  what a long day

started off with hair and makeup then to photoshoots

break to grab bubble tea from TryAgain and sushi from Sakana... found out that happy hour prices do not work for take out.. oh well i still was craving it so we got the love boat delux anyways. 

i pretty much proved i can eat the whole boat to myself.

nice ashley pig out at a runway show when your already considered one of the bigger models next to the 15 year olds haha. it was worth it.

on to rehearsals.. helping direct with other photoshoots which i found i quite enjoy

time for touch ups, and into freeze modeling.

show time!

the show was pretty good and house of dangerkat was amazing as always. everything was well planned out right down to having us pose in "doll boxes" (the theme was porcelain dolls). 

went out to eat after with the boys, boy some of the looks i got with that hair and makeup...

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