Wednesday, March 3, 2010

to new beginings

so this blog was originally started to chart the production of a show that was supposed to happen last year. however this did not work out.

this year is a different year

-i have applied for a multidisciplinary grant to be able to put on a performance at the engineered air theater in the epcor center. developments will be posted. as of now i do not hear back from the grant for about four months.

- last weekend was artAWEARness at ACAD where i modeled for Ashleigh and Lowell 

-this Saturday is the Park Show at the Chinese cultural Center.

park show has been a mighty force in the fashion world with creative themes, amazing venues and promoting local artists/designers/models.  the park show is a fundraiser for the park sale, a free out door market.

- the model call was yesterday for fashion week, lots of competition as i heard 70% of the models are supplied from mode models so we will see how that turns out

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