Sunday, December 4, 2011

busy little bee

I keep making a list of things I would like to blog about in my head yet it never seems to happen. In my Professional life things seem to be going very well! I recently dressed KD from "the girl with the messy hair" blog for the fashion Christmas event at the core and I’ve got been painting and working on products that will soon be appearing on my blog and etsy. However what I didn’t expect to be taking off is my modeling. It has always been something I enjoy doing but I never really thought I would take it any where. When I was preparing to move to LA I started realizing how much I missed modeling as it took a back seat to designing and recently I’ve kind of picked it up again. keep an eye out you may see me on a billboard from one of my recent or upcoming campaign shoots :) oh and if you do, send me a pic!
In the next week or so I should hopefully be getting some pictures up and I will make a conscious effort to blog online rather than in my head.

P.S I started watching Sons of Anarchy and my goodness I am soooo hooked. Love that show, I keep saying its like veronica mars but for adults.

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