Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just Because

Ive been told that I have a magnetic personality and an addictive personality.

Not because people like me, but because I become addicted to things I love, and I set off alarms.

If I had a blogging app on my phone I'd probably blog more often.

The mascot from the hitman game last friday grabbed my head and "made out" with me during a promo.  umm is this bestiality? mascot-ality? either way definitely something that I have not encountered before.

All these anti-bullying campaigns are really making me take a look back at my childhood. You never see people talking about the kind of bullying I went through though. Once I mentioned it on a social media outlet and I was called conceited, fat, ugly and full of myself among other things. However it has inspired me to maybe expand on my "meat dress, paisley dress, or whatever I may have called it" print where I first started to make art opening up about what I went through. Maybe work on doing a more intimate show and call it "Things a 15 year old girl should never hear". Every single person goes through bullying in some form or another I just pray that one day I can leave it behind me, and that everyone else can grow past what has happened to them as well to become a stronger person.

a mash up of some images where I modeled for Jessica Armstrong for the past show at art central we did as well as the upcoming performance for artawearness at acad.

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