Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Interview with Krystle for ACAD

Here is an interview that Krystle Mendoza wrote about my inspirations, concepts, how I define art, and wearable art.

Krystle is currently a student at ACAD in the fibre department, she also keeps a blog as the textilequeen, click the link to check her out. Her work is based heavily on wearable art and I cant wait to see what else she comes up with!

Click HERE to see the interview on the ACAD blog.

two questions wernt posted on the blog, but if your interested to know more.. keep reading

q:Designers usually have a story behind their work, what kind of story do you look for when designing your collection?

a:My work has a somber feel behind it because I usually gravitate towards concepts that have a dark secret in them or as I like to call it "the ugly truth covered up by the beautiful, the embellished and the lavish". In 'Lover, Come home' The female waiting for her lover to come home is oblivious to the destruction and bloodshed that her lover is facing. HoweI tend to reference events or practices that no longer exist such as binding feet. I use these as a way to examine experiences we face now and how they parallel things that our ancestors had to face even if what is happening in the modern world is more or less severe.

q:Since most of your works are wearable, what do you enjoy about making them?

a:My favourite part is and always will be the printing. I love what I do as a textile artist and as a printer. Designing clothes has always been a secondary thing for me that opens me up to a different market and audience. However I do love designing and challenging the garments as well as the sewing-just probably not as much as the printing and artistic expression that goes into the first steps.

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