Thursday, October 13, 2011


You got to find it interesting when different people from different areas of the globe both come up with the same idea, both market it well and yet probably dont even know about eachother. My facebook still thinks I'm in LA so I get ads from there, today I looked at one of them and it really reminded me of a calgary brand

first up is stellar hoods from calgary

and today I found out about Schoodie from LA who is trying to completly brand the hooded scarf as a "schoodie"
*schoodie I like your idea of flipping the hooded scarf and using it as a bag, should of been a bigger part of your "teach me how to schoodie" video

(this one is mentioned in the next paragraph)

Stellar hoods website says that it was founded in july of 2009 and schoodie was made in october of 2010 so I have to say congrats to stellar hoods for marketing first; but honestly I remember seeing it first from space angel which is now jalu (from calgary). since space angel is no longer around and jalu is not producing the "barminder" anymore I cant really find dates other than a youtube video from march of 2009. Maybe there is more comapnies just like this, and maybe they started even earlier, and lets be honest the idea of attaching a scarf and ahood has probably been around for quite a while in the knitting world, but it was smart of these three people to market something that maybe hasnt been done before.

I guess the point of this is, no matter what you do, you there will always be rivalry. When your a kid they tell you "there will always be someone smarter or faster than you" and in art school they tell you "everything has already been done before, nothing is ever new or original". I guess the key part is taking what you do, and doing it your way and if you find someone who is doing the same thing as you, embrace what they have to share and dont let it deter you off of your own path.

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