Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saying Goodbye's

The countdown is on, with now less than a week to go, I am feeling the nerves set in. Last night was my going away party and even though I thought it would be different, it was just like every other party I've thrown. Maybe it is a consequence of my work habits. When I am caught up working I don't make time for anything (unfortunately this sometimes includes eating). This makes it hard to keep close bonds with many friends, and as my birthdays always show (and now my going away party) it means a small turn out, and some awkward periods of standing by myself. There is a lot of people that have made a huge impact on my life, and a lot of people that I am going to miss. I believe in "quality interactions" with people, and there is many people who I may not be necessarily close to, but to me some of the most meaningful interactions came from these people. Especially this summer I have made a lot of new friends. Thank you Calgary and everything you have given me. It is time for me to explore something new and unknown. I just pray it works for the better. Positive thinking, that is what has gotten me though and what will continue to help me grow.

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  1. Aw, Ashley!

    You have definitely made an impact on Calgary and all the people you know here. It is time for you to go off to hopefully bigger and better things. It's always sad and difficult to leave somewhere you've spent a lot of time, and a good portion, if not ALL of your life, but arriving is exciting and scary, and all of the sudden, you're looking forward, not back. There are amazing new friends to be made, and new adventures to be had! Be brave, be open, and enjoy it! You deserve good things! (And I'm a little jealous! lol.)

    I hope you won't forget us all (in your lowly undergrad), and keep up the blogging and the Fibre grads group.... we'll miss you, Fibre-sister! (and yes, sometimes cheesy is... good.)