Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Small Town Charm

So I have made the move to what I call "TV Land" I have never lived in a small town before and so far I'm doing ok. Calgary is not that far away and its like a little adventure learning about the small towns here. down side? having to cancel/rearrange photo shoots and meetings because I cant get into Calgary because of these crazy storms we have been having. Here are some photos I took of this small town charm. (still no people though cause I'm still not used to the whole.. be friendly with everyone/neighbours thing)

The drive out

view of my backyard

yes I can just pull over stand in the middle of the street and take a picture

view from my bedroom

Marv's soda shop! love this place.. I'm thinking I should work here in the summer.. dress up everyday!

my float

marv sang us a song

everything vintage, from the original soda shop working jukeboxes and all

they have a bird that meows like a cat, strangest thing! haha

I have also spent a lot of time re-learning html and have built my modeling website, take a look at http://www.ashleyquan.com/ ill be re-working my apiana que one soon!

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