Tuesday, January 10, 2012

happy new year!

2011 was a crazy year for me, and upon reflection it is hard to believe the things that can happen in one year! from graduation to doing shows, being in magazines, moving to another country.. and then back again and all the things you learn along the way.  2011 will have always been a good year for me and I'd like to think i did pretty good for myself.  in school i started to notice my name becoming recognized and even outside of school finding myself on the top 100 list of emerging designers in Canada and being at number 40 i think is a pretty cool accomplishment.  But this is just the beginning.  Ive been taking a lot of time to evaluate what i want out of life and trying to combine my passions to set out a clear road for myself.  you can only make things happen if you take charge, and you can only go as far as you allow yourself so i am not giving myself any restraints.  2011 was good, 2012 will be better! i look forward to my new adventures!

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