Sunday, April 17, 2011


first review up from fabricated HERE from NuBEings Society

Excited to be getting positive feedback from the collection, getting interest from people wanting to buy some of the pieces! Most of these pieces will be one of a kind however next season will have a little more oppertunity for purchasing.
hint? black and white, dresses, blazers, womens, mens, twilight zone.
thats it, until next season!

I have also created some apiana que basics that will be going on sale. Doing a photoshoot soon and then the pictures will be posted under a new heading "shop" very exciting!

Also I have been accepted into the Contextual Residency Program for the 3rd year so I am very excited to get working this summer! hardest part will be getting through the month and a bit between school ending and residency starting.

I have also stumbled upon my twitter account that I appearntly started when twitter came out and then... forgot. so now you can follow me on twitter (as much as Ive always said I would never end up on twitter) @apianaque

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