Monday, April 18, 2011

Bring it on

In school they prepare us for both positive and negative feedback. I was told that you will always receive a negative response for every show and here is my first experience. I understand why though. Fabricated was a success I would say - minus some technical difficulties. These difficulties seem to like to follow me. I think that changing models in the dark may not be the best idea, esp when I have to start changing models myself and miss checking the girls over before they leave for the runway. I just about died when I was watching the video and saw the bra walking the runway in one of my open backed dresses, BUT live and learn.

Fabricated was a great experience and I feel it was very different from Parkshow.

For my readers who saw the show (either one) it is important to know that I don't show for the intention of selling. I show, to show - my collection was slow paced because it fit the concept.

From both the positive feed back, as well as the constructive critical feedback Ill grow.

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