Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tonight is the night

all sorts of pop songs just popped into my head.

I hope everyone is coming to watch!
here is my official artist statement. I will post accompanying photos tomorrow.

Lover, Come Home
This collection is all made of hand printed fabrics, which derive from hand painted stencils inspired by the theme of this show.

The first prints completed for the collection look at the slave trade, and after colliding with a major storm, the dead, dying slaves were being thrown overboard. The two other prints that accompany this scene are an air war – where people are jumping out of planes that are exploding into a damask pattern, while bombs are floating around them. The other references the holocaust using the decaying body as an icon reminiscent of a mermaid leading sailors in the ocean. The print that reads, “come back to me” is the key that ties all the prints together.

When comparing Fransico Goya’s The Third of May with Jacques- Louis David’s The oath of the Horatii intrigues me in looking at another persons perspective. While the main prints depict what the soldiers are enduring, the “Come back to me” print in the format of a woman’s dress tells the story of the woman waiting at home for her lover to come back to her unaware of all the destruction occurring elsewhere.

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