Sunday, February 27, 2011


It seems as though when something happens, everything happens. This week was reading week, and I definitely did not have time to read. Aside for the loads of work I have to do to get ready for parkshow I agreed to do some modeling. In the last week I have portrayed : a hippie, a black and white paper dress grungy look, a mistress, and a Grimm Cinderella. This Fri/Sat is ArtaWEARness where I will be modeling for Claire-Simone in her piece. for this I will be a Statue that comes to life.
As march approaches so does the busiest month of the year for me. This week is Artawearness rehearsals and show, parkshow meetings and fittings, and setting up for our FINA show. next week is getting ready for parkshow and fibre fortnight. the next week we is fibre fortnight and our Jacquard weaving show, and the mini show/ silent auction. the next week I am off to LA <3 as well as the show n sale (Ill be selling stuff, but wont be there in person). The day after I come back from my trip is the closing for our FINA show and then march is over wheww. oh ya, and also in the next two weeks I should find out if I got into CSULB eep. Then finals and Im done school ahhh everything needs to slow down! (and somehow this list of craziness doesnt even include my school load :S)

facebook event pages
Artawearness XI
Fibre Mini Show
Spring Show n Sale

hope to see everyone at all these events!

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