Friday, January 28, 2011

Sky Watching

Lately I have been obsessed with watching the sky from my studio during sun-rise and sun-set. Its a different view from every window and it is just so captivating. The other day I realized (after taking a bunch of photos) that my color aesthetic (grey based purples and currently grey based pinks) is actually colors from the sunset. Lindsay from my studio mentioned that the colors in the sunset are actually regional and change based on where you are.

I was reading in the paper about the Mona Lisa and "new discoveries" and blah blah blah all it said to me was that people are crazy. But what really caught my eye was that they were no longer referring to it as a "masterpiece" but a "masterwork". Last semester one of my teachers mentioned that we shouldn't refer to our work as "pieces" because that meant they were a piece of a whole and that we should reference it as "work". Really interesting that this is now being applied to historical "masterpieces".

Here is a stage of fabric that i was experimenting with. I dyed this cotton with procion dyes and then sewed it with polyester thread to a polyester backing so that I could devore it using my "come back to me" print. which completely changes the fabric.
Below, is the first glimpse of The Adventures of the Moustached Fish in The Social Script! enjoy.

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