Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here is Something I Haven't Done in a While

I keep saying to myself that I am going to post, and then I don't. Well I am catching up, and with some big news too!

Finally I posted the shoes for Glen.
For show n sale this year I experimented painting leather gloves, and boy did they go over well. I posted one photo but I sold 5 pairs. I have more in the works now.
Which leads to the next item. I have signed the contract, and will now be sold at the Art Gallery of Calgary store front. My gloves and jackets will be sold there as well as some more experimental stuff. In the works I have painted leather purses, and printed lap top sleeves and lap top cases. I am very excited. (which they have not yet recieved, but expect the first batch very soon)
What sparked the lap top series? I have a new lap top! That is from this century! That I can actually save things too, all very exciting. Thank you Best Buy Boxing Day!

On a more serious note, this next week I will be focusing on getting my MFA application to CSULB in. It isn't due until the 31st but get it in early to be processed and ready to go, so everything will be sent in to be received by the 15th. woot.

Also, expect to see the adventures of the moustached(moo-stash-ed) fish coming in prints (expect wallets, laptop cases, t-shirts etc) soon.

Who is the moustached fish? He is a prankster (because every prankster needs a moustache), who lives under the water and plays pranks on the humans and other predators. He also encounters theory such as that from Freud and Lacan in his daily life. He is coming!

Also with all of these changes happening, I will be (fingers crossed) starting up a real website soon with a proper portfolio and everything (the blog will be kept.. how could I not ramble?)

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