Thursday, July 14, 2011

blending in the color

So here is an update of what I have been working on this summer, surprisingly Ive been doing color! lol. Since this time last summer I released my "first collection" which was jackets so I decided to go along with that theme just bigger. All I knew was that I wanted alot of color so I asked my sister "what is really colorful that isn't a rainbow?" and her answer - chameleons. The more I read about them the more interesting they became and this was the birth of my new six color repeat print. in a week and a half I printed 24 yardages. needless to say by the end I couldn't feel my hands haha. Anyways in my lack of posting I figured I could slowly catch up, by posting the things I have been meaning too. But this time I will refrain from posting them all in the same day haha.

Here is a breakdown of what my printing proccess looks like.

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